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Be Happier by Embracing the Now

Modern living is fast paced and we are often found chasing the next project, next job, next relationship. We often live somewhere in the past living in regret or sadness or living in the future chasing external things to bring us happiness. At other times we get stuck in fear thinking negatively about the future. Sometimes we keep busy to avoid painful feelings. Whatever the circumstances we find ourselves in we can make a choice to slow down, be conscious about what we are experiencing and choose how to respond in order to live a richer more present life....

The reality is that nothing external to you can bring you true and lasting happiness. The best way to achieving lasting happiness is to focus on your wellbeing and practice mindfulness.

The good news is that you don't have to be an experienced yogi to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness can be practiced at any time during the day simply by focussing on what is occurring within and external to your body at any given moment. A popular technique is tuning into and monitoring your breath. Slow down your thoughts and really feel how your breath feels as you breathe in and out. What tension do you notice in your body? Notice what feelings arise. Is it fear, sadness, sorrow, anger? Ask yourself where these feelings come from and what is it that you need to soothe yourself and feel better? By understanding and attending to any negative feelings compassionately within yourself, you can liberate yourself of their continued negative hold on you.

Mindfulness is about being present and living in the here and now. You can practice mindfulness by taking in your surroundings. What do you notice about the wonders of the natural world around you? The bright blue sky, the beautiful colored flowers, friendly smiling strangers, sand between your toes, joyful children playing, happy music playing in the background. Stop doing, stop thinking, notice and take in life's simple joys and pleasures surrounding you every day. Do this regularly and find happiness!

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