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The Power of Thoughts

Have you ever considered that your thoughts and beliefs become your reality? This means if you cultivate positive thoughts about yourself and your life, you’re likely see good things happen and come into your life. Conversely, if you think negative thoughts about certain situations, you’re likely to create negative experiences for yourself. You essentially reap what you sow when it comes to your thoughts and belief patterns. If you believe that things are going to go badly you will look for negative signs and create this reality for yourself.

''Whether you think you can or you can’t – you’re right!' - Henry Ford

True power comes from realising your thoughts are not actually your reality. They are just mind chatter and we all have the ability to exercise control over our thoughts at any point in time. So, when you find yourself thinking the worst is going to happen, stop and check in with yourself. How do I know this bad thing is going to happen for sure? What evidence is in front of me right now to prove this? Or are these thoughts coming from a place of fear and hurt based on past situations which I am being reminded of. Then try to reframe your self-talk by replacing negative thoughts with more realistic or positive ones.

Thoughts like ‘I will never get that promotion’, ‘I will never be successful in relationship’ or ‘I will fail at completing this project’ can plague the mind if you let them and can ultimately lead to self-sabotage and self-limiting behaviour. Often negative thoughts are seeded from past negative experiences which we fail to acknowledge, heal and recover from. This could be related to your childhood or adult life experiences (possibly even both!). By allowing these old tapes to continue playing in your mind over and over you are robbing yourself of seeing clearly what’s actually in front of you and allowing the possibility of new positive experiences to enter your life which may bring ultimate joy, satisfaction and happiness.

Seeing a therapist like me can help you to better understand, heal from and take control of your negative thought patterns so you can lead a richer and more fulfilled life. It’s time to take control of all that negativity, so you can claim the happiness you deserve and lead your best life!

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