"Patrizia is an AMAZING ASSET to her Therapeutic Community and Clientele. 


She recently helped me develop insights into the sources of some emotional upsets I was processing and helped me feel much better.


Her words, assurance and guidance gave me the confidence to follow through with continuing my work on these emotional blockages with more hope and clarity for the future.


Very much appreciated, thank you Patrizia."



"As a male in my twenties, I have always been tentative about seeking mental health support, but due to the stress of the pandemic I could no longer suffer in silence.


I couldn’t be happier with the service I’ve received from Patrizia, she has helped greatly in reducing my anxiety and bouts of depression with a range of effective techniques and compassionate conversation and discussion.


I would fully recommend anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, unlike themselves or struggling with day to day life to see her."



"Pat was incredible in helping me work through some issues around my work and making some changes so I could spend more time with my family and restore some balance to my life. 


I felt really felt heard by Pat and she was reassuring and insightful. She understood what I was trying to work through and over the course of our sessions Pat was supportive and helpful and affirmed my feelings and my progress.


Pat was an essential part of me moving through this difficult period to a much better head space."


"When I first began counselling sessions with Pat, I was feeling extremely confused and anxious as I tried to navigate some enormous life changes.


Pat listened without judgement and helped me to gain clarity. Unlike previous therapists I’d seen, Pat never imposed her views or dictated what I should or shouldn’t do… she simply offered observations and insights that enabled me to see the reality of my situation more clearly and trust my own judgement when making important decisions.


Pat has a warm, caring nature and is very down-to-earth. I immediately felt at ease when I met her and was comfortable to speak openly about very personal issues.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pat to anyone who needs support."


"Before I met Pat I was feeling depressed and I couldn't find a person who really understood my problems without judging me. When I finally met Pat I felt like I could really speak with this person openly and release all my fears and doubts.

After just a few sessions Pat understood what the problem was and we started to work together in order to improve the weaker side of me.

Pat really changed my point of view of things in a better and safer way.

Therefore I would strongly recommend Pat as a therapist for anyone needing to see someone. Thank you Pat."


"As a developing couple, newly engaged, we were regularly finding ourselves in situations, where we were communicating poorly and causing each other harm in our words and actions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        We engaged with Pat for couple counselling to help us navigate our differences. Pat was very professional and intuitive as a couples counsellor. She helped us improve our communication and recognise what was important to each other. She showed us how to effectively and genuinely acknowledge each other’s thoughts and opinions.

We would strongly recommend Pat for couples who are finding it tough and need of guidance and coaching to improve their relationship. Thank you again Pat!"

'Stacey & Jamie'

"Pat is a safe place to explore difficult events, feelings and worries. I always felt supported and comforted, never judged. Her skills helped me move forward and resolve troubling experiences."


In person consultations available at 466 Plenty Road Preston