People seek Pat's therapeutic counselling and healing services for a variety of reasons, including:


  • negative experiences intruding upon life 

  • difficulties coping 

  • panic or anxiety

  • feeling low or depression 

  • sadness, loss and grief

  • difficulties in relationships including break-ups

  • experiences of violence or abuse

  • trauma e.g. car accident, a significant injury, illness, or event

  • low self-esteem

  • phobias and fears

  • chronic pain or fatigue

  • negative patterns of behaviour

  • medical traumas

  • complex trauma & PTSD

  • LGBTIQ+ transitioning / coming out

  • Sexuality, gender and relationship fluidity

  • job loss

  • midlife stresses

  • retirement

  • feeling dissatisfied with life 

  • residual negative energy and emotions

  • professional supervision / debriefing


Pat is trained in 'Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing' (EMDR) as an effective treatment modality for trauma recovery.


As a qualified Couple and Relationship Therapist, Pat can also support and guide you towards better ways of relating to your partner to manage conflict, develop intimacy and enhance relationships.


You may currently be seeking a counsellor to assist you to deal with issues that are pushing you beyond your normal ways of coping or preventing you from enjoying life. At some point in many people’s lives they may find that coping with life’s challenges becomes overwhelming, leading to unhappiness, stress and/or anxiety.  It is normal to feel the need for support and help at these times.  Professional counselling  can provide that support.


Counselling helps you understand yourself better and identify what is important to you, your strengths and what you want for your life. The process of counselling explores the way your early experiences and beliefs lead to the development of unhelpful views, patterns and behaviour in your life that may cause you pain. With the right support, you are capable of making real changes in your life – building stronger

relationships, and creating a more balanced and enriched life.

Counselling is a great place to explore difficulties within a supportive and safe environment.  It helps to speak with someone like Pat who can understand and help you work through the difficulties you face using a gentle and understanding approach. Lesbian, gay, gender diverse individuals are welcome.


Relationship or couples counselling helps you to change negative patterns with your partner. It provides a supportive environment where you can feel comfortable raising issues and sharing your feelings with one another.

By listening to each other within this space, you and your partner can work together to identify misunderstandings, explore new ways of relating and bring new perspectives into your relationship – to help you achieve your individual and shared goals. 


Couples often make the decision to come to counselling when relationship issues become stuck or difficult to navigate alone. But couples counselling can also benefit you if you want to deepen your bond, prepare for marriage or plan a family. Lesbian, gay, gender diverse couples are welcome.

Reiki energy healing can be useful in releasing difficult emotions, traumatic experiences and easing pain in the body. This healing modality can be accessed in addition to counselling or as an alternative. It requires minimal talking and interaction.

Using a compassionate and gentle approach, the palms of the hands are generally placed on the body where universal healing energy is channeled. The treatment is also available via distance or without the need to place hands on the physical body where required.


Pat has been initiated into the Japanese healing energy of Reiki allowing her to tap into and pass on energetic healing to her clients. She uses crystals, oracle cards and essential oils to help clear negative energy and set intentions for positive emotional and physical healing to take place.

Professional or clinical supervision is made available for helping industry professionals and is an important aspect of professional practice that meets the requirements for professional development, accountability and support. Supervision can help you to become more skilled  by reflecting on your social work or clinical practice, whilst helping to manage challenging work issues in a safe and confidential space.

Having worked over twenty years as a social worker, clinician and manager, Pat brings a wealth of professional practice experience and wisdom to her professional supervision practice. Pat uses a reflective, critical, intersectional, systemic and strengths based approach to professional supervision practice. She supports social workers and other helping professionals by:

  • setting clear goals and contracting

  • tailoring supervision to individual needs

  • creating a safe and supportive environment

  • supporting reflective practice

  • openly sharing information, experience and resources

  • ensuring ongoing review and evaluation